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Marcel Broodthaers

Moules Oeufs Frites Pots Charbon / Moules Oeufs Frites Pots Charbon Perroquets.

  • Published/Imprint: 1966 / 1974


1966 Antwerpen, Wide White Space Gallery, 12p. included wrappers, 20:14 cm. Stapled. Catalogue of Broodthaers' first one-man exhibition at the Wide White Space Gallery. With texts by the artist - 'Ma Rhétorique', 'Poème', 'Théorèmes' - and by the art critics Jean Dypréau and Pierre Restany. Assembled with: Marcel Broodthaers. Moules Oeufs Frites Pots Charbon Perroquets. 1974 Antwerpen, Wide White Space Gallery, 12p. including wrappers, 21,5x14 cm. Stapled. Reprint of the catalogue of the exhibition 'Moules Oeufs Frites Pots Charbon' at Wide White Space Gallery (1966) with titles added in red print, a colophon explaining that this reprint of 1000 copies is published on the occasion of the reopening of the gallery at a new address, and the opening of Broodthaers' exhibition Marcel 'Broodthaers/Ne dites pas que je ne l'ai pas dit/Zeg niet dat ik het niet gezegd heb/Le Perroquet/De Papegaai' in September 1974. With invitation card, 10,5:15 cm. printed recto in black and red.

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